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From P.S. Wright and Splot! Publishing.

When an unprecedented natural disaster strikes southern Florida, Youtuber RickWDW85 and an unemployed ex-imagineer are all that stand between the Magic Kingdom and an opportunistic invading force. Doug Able had been looking forward to getting his job back for two years. Just when he finally has an appointment with his former supervisor, the cabs aren't running. A tsunami is about to slam into Southern Florida for the first time in recorded history. The only thing that could make his day worse would be witnessing a murder. RickWDW85 is going to be a YouTube star, but only if he survives the floods, alligators, and an ex-imagineer with a crazy story about an invading army. Three Shots Fired from Cinderella Castle is the unauthorized tale of heroism in the face of natural disaster and hostile invasion. It's a richly detailed Magic Kingdom adventure for grown-ups. (But don't worry, it's kid friendly, for the younger fans too.)

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