The Legend of The Pricklepeople by PS Wright

The Legend of The Pricklepeople (ISBN: 9781311667595)

Carnegiea Saguaro is sent by her father to the mountains to make an alliance with the Pines against the Agaves. Joshua Tree sends her to the top of the mountain to hum the witch away.

Joshua Agave thinks himself clever. In the end, the joke may be on him, when Carnegiea is more successful than he could have ever imagined. He must travel with the fair Carnegiea through treacherous Sonorous Desert to the home of the winter witch, which lays on the horizon, to make his apology.

The fate of the pricklepeople and their human friends will lay in the balance when Mistress When, the winter witch, demands a blossom more beautiful than even her prized Datura.

A short story based on the characters of Flat Fax and the Book of Doors.

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