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PamPanama Productions is the producer of all of the Audio/Video Content found on this site. 

Book trailers, podcasts, audiobooks, and music-timed, slideshow presentations are, to date, what we have produced not only for Splot! Publishing, but for many other groups as well.

Teaser Trailer for Three Shots Fired from Cinderella Castle by PS Wright Finally, a Walt Disney World parks adventure for adult fans of Magic Kingdom

This is a series of videos we did for PS Wright's Flat Fax and the Book of Doors.

Incidentally this book is available on

Chocolate Candy Countdown Calendars for any occasion.
Not sure how it works? Would you like to see the process from start to finish? Wondering how we could have Q-Bon Calendars for everyone, no matter occasion? Here's a walk through to help you get started creating your own Q-Bon Calendar to countdown to your next anticipated occasion.


Two Grumpy People - A Podcast that covers Walt Disney World and other travel destinations.

Justin Scarred and Adam The Woo did Dueling Vlogs at Star Wars Celebration 2015. This is my take on editing them together.

Please subscribe to their channels: Justin Scarred and Adam The Woo