Flat Fax & The Book of Doors by PS Wright

Flat Fax and The Book of Doors (ISBN: 9781465718624)

Most boys like robots but very few become robots. This is the story of one boy who did.

Warning, this fairy tale is badly infected with science fiction.

Granny Which Witch is the editor-in-chief and author of every character, village, and thing in her domain. Someone has been making changes. And Granny is not happy about it.

Flat Fax, an invisible fairy, and an ogre named Klutz face The Authority, Lord Terrier of the Terrible Trees, and Mistress Why on their way to the birthday party Flat Fax is sure his mother has planned for him. 

Uncle Whatchamacallit realizes Flat Fax is a creature of science and of fiction. Is he the answer to the erasures, or the cause of them?

Full color illustrations. Approx. 200 pages.


Klutz ogre tries on different costumes in the Magic Mirror in Mistress Why's Hall.
Caution: This fairy tale is badly infected with science fiction. Flat Fax and the Book of Doors! Look for it online in print and e-book formats.