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Three Shots Fired From Cinderella Castle

Three Shots Fired From Cinderella Castle

“You were trespassed, and you still come back?” Rick grinned and shrugged, hoping his aw shucks act would get him off the hook as it had so often in the past. “You’re stupid and stubborn.” The groundskeeper started unloading his gear from the truck.

This wasn’t quite the reaction Rick had come to expect from the Disney clones. He couldn’t resist pushing his luck. “You going to report me?”

The groundskeeper put his straw cowboy hat on his head and pulled it down to shade his eyes. “No. You wanna be stupid, it’s none of my business. Who am I to talk about entering places illegal?”

When an unprecedented natural disaster strikes southern Florida, Youtuber RickWDW89 and an unemployed ex-imagineer are all that stand between the Magic Kingdom and an opportunistic invading force. 


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