Why Alligators Swish Their Butts When Walking

This little "experiment" in blogging is intended to sort of flesh out that very brief little talk I gave, and in the process, maybe it will entertain a few people. Here's the plan. Each week, I'll record a very, very brief little video on some interesting thing I've learned while doing research for the book. I'll explain why I needed to know it in terms of the story, why it's important to get that detail right, and anything else that comes to mind.

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Easter Messes and a Writing Game

Here's a game you can play anytime, if you're a big old writing nerd, or all the power in the whole world has suddenly gone out, and you're stuck in an elevator with two kids and four adults and no cell phone. Ok, it's a game that used to be popular, but since the invention of Pac Man, its popularity has gone down. It's a great exercise for learning how to stretch your mind to write about anything, on the fly.

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The March for Science Part One: There is no Science Fiction Without Science

What are you doing April 22nd? I will be marching for science in Washington, D.C.. I don't know if I'll be able to talk any of my fellow writers and artists into going with. I'm sure lots of other writers will be there. Hopefully, we'll get a team together. I'd like to see self-published science fiction writers make a good showing there. 

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A Former Servicemember Posted This Rant Today... And I Don't Give a Damn

Today, a fellow Soldier posted a video titled something like, Veteran Posts A Rant About Crybabies And It's Going Viral! Are you kidding? No, I won't watch it. No, I don't care if he makes great points. Not watching it. 

Look, I love my fellow veterans, retirees, and service members. I'm speaking directly to you. You're my brothers and sisters in arms and always will be. But your opinions about our government or president are not any more important or insightful than anyone else's just because you are a veteran.

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Scientific Skepticism: Distinguishing Reality from Imagination!

I usually write these articles as conversations with my mom. For fun, and because my latest book is set in Walt Disney World, I decided to present the first half as a conversation between Figment and his friends.

What is Scientific Skepticism?

Well Figment, I'm glad you asked...

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Books and Videos, It's About What You Leave Out

Self-publishing is a fun way to discover more about both the craft and business of books. My own experience has been one of learning one thing, only to discover how much more I have yet to learn. When the writing is done, the editing is finished, and you've started the publishing process, you might be tempted to think your job is done. Not so fast. There's still the marketing to get to. And yes, if you are a self-published author, that's your business too. One important part of that, which I've spent considerable hours on over the last week, is creating video ads. 

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In Support of Hugo and Jake (10 Ways Writers Are Just Not Normal)

I thought about recording a quick Youtube video. But for all the time I've had that channel, I've put up three videos, and they're all just illustrated versions of written stories. Seriously. I don't feel all that comfortable in front of the camera. I like to talk, but no one wants to see that. Nobody. I'm not funny in person. (At least not intentionally.) I'm not terribly funny in writing. I wish I had money to send to support all the wonderful content makers on Youtube, from Adam the Woo toHugo and Jake. But I don't. All I have are words. For whatever it's worth guys, good luck on your lawsuit, you have my support.

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