Science March: Happy Hypothesis Confirmed


A large body of scientists and their allies can gather in a public place to perform a political act without it turning into a “shitshow”.


Forty thousand plus self-selected volunteers who identify as lovers of science, of all ages but with the greatest number between twenty and 55 years old, recruited via social media and a few television appearances by celebrities and organizers.


An organized rally, teach-in, and march in Washington DC beginning at 0900 local time, and concluding at about 1400 local time.

Summary result:

The hypothesis is confirmed. The null hypothesis, that the event would become a “shitshow,” was disproven.  

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What Will Be On My Sign at The March for Science

I'm on my way to Washington D.C. for the March for Science, this Saturday. I thought I'd share with you all the images that will be on my sign. I tried to stick with mostly positive messages. Science is supposed to be the central theme, and politics are secondary. I wanted to stay away from anything too partisan. I wanted to think of some clever sayings, but I'm not clever. Maybe they'll give you some ideas for your own signs or memes. Anything I've created for the march is free for you to copy and rearrange if you like, but I didn't create many of the background images. So, caveat emptor.

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Has Teiresias Damned the March for Science?

This is about the March for Science.

For a couple weeks now, it has become distressingly common to hear certain people in the science and skepticism business, who should know better, nay-saying the pending March for Science that has been scheduled for Earth Day, April 22. Now, while many of them make fair points about the dangers of politicizing science, or of having people misunderstand the intent of the march, or of making enemies of people we are trying to sway, nearly all of them seem to have forgotten the lesson of Oedipus. So let me remind you, and maybe you can pass it on to them.

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The March for Science Part One: There is no Science Fiction Without Science

What are you doing April 22nd? I will be marching for science in Washington, D.C.. I don't know if I'll be able to talk any of my fellow writers and artists into going with. I'm sure lots of other writers will be there. Hopefully, we'll get a team together. I'd like to see self-published science fiction writers make a good showing there. 

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