Why Alligators Swish Their Butts When Walking

This little "experiment" in blogging is intended to sort of flesh out that very brief little talk I gave, and in the process, maybe it will entertain a few people. Here's the plan. Each week, I'll record a very, very brief little video on some interesting thing I've learned while doing research for the book. I'll explain why I needed to know it in terms of the story, why it's important to get that detail right, and anything else that comes to mind.

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Scientific Skepticism: Distinguishing Reality from Imagination!

I usually write these articles as conversations with my mom. For fun, and because my latest book is set in Walt Disney World, I decided to present the first half as a conversation between Figment and his friends.

What is Scientific Skepticism?

Well Figment, I'm glad you asked...

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In Support of Hugo and Jake (10 Ways Writers Are Just Not Normal)

I thought about recording a quick Youtube video. But for all the time I've had that channel, I've put up three videos, and they're all just illustrated versions of written stories. Seriously. I don't feel all that comfortable in front of the camera. I like to talk, but no one wants to see that. Nobody. I'm not funny in person. (At least not intentionally.) I'm not terribly funny in writing. I wish I had money to send to support all the wonderful content makers on Youtube, from Adam the Woo toHugo and Jake. But I don't. All I have are words. For whatever it's worth guys, good luck on your lawsuit, you have my support.

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When a Writer Says They Are Researching–What’s Natural?

I know what nature is. I go hiking, caving, biking, swimming and camping. I’ve visited the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, and the mighty Mississippi. I swam in the Black River and two of the Great Lakes. I’ve watched sunsets in Hawaii and Florida. I’ve caught lightning bugs and been startled by snakes. I’ve had poison ivy, and eaten wild blackberries. Doggone it, I know nature when I see it. You do too, right? So ok, what is it?

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I Don't Know What I'm Doing

So I've apparently had this blog for months. Funny thing, I had no idea I was telling the world to go to Wordpress and type an example blog post. Luckily, only one person posted a comment to the effect that they were posting a sample comment. I hope Mr. Sample wasn't offended that I didn't respond right away.

Anyhow, I will get to work creating that there blog post immediately. Don't be too excited. I don't have a clue how to do this stuff and it will probably come out in little squiggles and symbols. I will surely be getting another comment from Mr. Sample about by cartoon cursing any day now.

Hey, the upside of being an unknown writer in a great sea of unknowns is, nobody notices when you totally screw up. Maybe somebody should make a motivational plaque on a wooden board with that on it.

See you in the next post. Now get off my lawn!