A Former Servicemember Posted This Rant Today... And I Don't Give a Damn

Today, a fellow Soldier posted a video titled something like, Veteran Posts A Rant About Crybabies And It's Going Viral! Are you kidding? No, I won't watch it. No, I don't care if he makes great points. Not watching it. 

Look, I love my fellow veterans, retirees, and service members. I'm speaking directly to you. You're my brothers and sisters in arms and always will be. But your opinions about our government or president are not any more important or insightful than anyone else's just because you are a veteran.

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I usually avoid all labels. I belong to no political party. I do not identify as liberal or conservative, left or right wing. I don't root for any team. I don't consider myself a New Yorker any more than I considered myself a New Mexican when I lived in that state, or a Georgian when I owned a home there. I'm me. Just recently I've noticed that feminism has become some kind of dirty word, again. As if we hadn't lived through the 60s and 70s at all, a new generation of men and women have begun to villify this label as if they were the first to think of doing so. So, I'd like to clarify a few things, before this goes any further. I'm an individual. And no matter how I search, I've never found a group whose views exactly match mine, nor even any individual person with the same exact views. That's why I avoid labeling myself in the hopes of avoiding being put in a box. It doesn't often work. 

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Sick of Cancer Studies?

I was telling my mom about an idea I had for short story. “A scientist has discovered a way to live forever, by giving himself cancer.” This is, admittedly, a ridiculous idea, and just the sort to stretch the imagination. Perfect for a short story of the kind you’d see in Astounding or on the old Twilight Zone series, right? But my mom, being the down to Earth kind of person she is, threw me right out of my story and back to real life. “Oh, cancer. I’m sick of hearing about it. There’s a new study every day. One day something causes cancer, the next it cures it. Those scientists can’t make up their mind.”

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I Don't Know What I'm Doing

So I've apparently had this blog for months. Funny thing, I had no idea I was telling the world to go to Wordpress and type an example blog post. Luckily, only one person posted a comment to the effect that they were posting a sample comment. I hope Mr. Sample wasn't offended that I didn't respond right away.

Anyhow, I will get to work creating that there blog post immediately. Don't be too excited. I don't have a clue how to do this stuff and it will probably come out in little squiggles and symbols. I will surely be getting another comment from Mr. Sample about by cartoon cursing any day now.

Hey, the upside of being an unknown writer in a great sea of unknowns is, nobody notices when you totally screw up. Maybe somebody should make a motivational plaque on a wooden board with that on it.

See you in the next post. Now get off my lawn!