Science March: Happy Hypothesis Confirmed


A large body of scientists and their allies can gather in a public place to perform a political act without it turning into a “shitshow”.


Forty thousand plus self-selected volunteers who identify as lovers of science, of all ages but with the greatest number between twenty and 55 years old, recruited via social media and a few television appearances by celebrities and organizers.


An organized rally, teach-in, and march in Washington DC beginning at 0900 local time, and concluding at about 1400 local time.

Summary result:

The hypothesis is confirmed. The null hypothesis, that the event would become a “shitshow,” was disproven.  

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What Will Be On My Sign at The March for Science

I'm on my way to Washington D.C. for the March for Science, this Saturday. I thought I'd share with you all the images that will be on my sign. I tried to stick with mostly positive messages. Science is supposed to be the central theme, and politics are secondary. I wanted to stay away from anything too partisan. I wanted to think of some clever sayings, but I'm not clever. Maybe they'll give you some ideas for your own signs or memes. Anything I've created for the march is free for you to copy and rearrange if you like, but I didn't create many of the background images. So, caveat emptor.

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Easter Messes and a Writing Game

Here's a game you can play anytime, if you're a big old writing nerd, or all the power in the whole world has suddenly gone out, and you're stuck in an elevator with two kids and four adults and no cell phone. Ok, it's a game that used to be popular, but since the invention of Pac Man, its popularity has gone down. It's a great exercise for learning how to stretch your mind to write about anything, on the fly.

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Has Teiresias Damned the March for Science?

This is about the March for Science.

For a couple weeks now, it has become distressingly common to hear certain people in the science and skepticism business, who should know better, nay-saying the pending March for Science that has been scheduled for Earth Day, April 22. Now, while many of them make fair points about the dangers of politicizing science, or of having people misunderstand the intent of the march, or of making enemies of people we are trying to sway, nearly all of them seem to have forgotten the lesson of Oedipus. So let me remind you, and maybe you can pass it on to them.

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The March for Science Part One: There is no Science Fiction Without Science

What are you doing April 22nd? I will be marching for science in Washington, D.C.. I don't know if I'll be able to talk any of my fellow writers and artists into going with. I'm sure lots of other writers will be there. Hopefully, we'll get a team together. I'd like to see self-published science fiction writers make a good showing there. 

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Disney Movies are Still Sexist... Right?

Cracked recently put out one of their better sourced articles with a title that makes a pretty damning claim, titled: 5 Ways Disney Movies are Even More Sexist Than the Classics (An alternative title lists it as 5 Ways Disney Has Actually Gotten More Sexist Over Time). Of course it got a lot of clicks and comments with no shortage of people calling bullshit on their claim. Are Disney movies like Frozen and Brave really more sexist than the classics, Cinderella and Snow White? Is that possible?

In a word, and this is just my opinion at this point, no. 

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A Former Servicemember Posted This Rant Today... And I Don't Give a Damn

Today, a fellow Soldier posted a video titled something like, Veteran Posts A Rant About Crybabies And It's Going Viral! Are you kidding? No, I won't watch it. No, I don't care if he makes great points. Not watching it. 

Look, I love my fellow veterans, retirees, and service members. I'm speaking directly to you. You're my brothers and sisters in arms and always will be. But your opinions about our government or president are not any more important or insightful than anyone else's just because you are a veteran.

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I usually avoid all labels. I belong to no political party. I do not identify as liberal or conservative, left or right wing. I don't root for any team. I don't consider myself a New Yorker any more than I considered myself a New Mexican when I lived in that state, or a Georgian when I owned a home there. I'm me. Just recently I've noticed that feminism has become some kind of dirty word, again. As if we hadn't lived through the 60s and 70s at all, a new generation of men and women have begun to villify this label as if they were the first to think of doing so. So, I'd like to clarify a few things, before this goes any further. I'm an individual. And no matter how I search, I've never found a group whose views exactly match mine, nor even any individual person with the same exact views. That's why I avoid labeling myself in the hopes of avoiding being put in a box. It doesn't often work. 

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Take Those Disney Souvenirs From Stocking Stuffers to Under-the-Tree Worthy

Have you been on a recent trip to Disney and brought back inexpensive souvenirs for you friends and family? Want to take gifts from stocking stuffer to under-the-tree worthy without bankrupting your savings? You want to make your Hanukkah gift budget stretch to all 8 days and nights? It just takes a little imagination.

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Disney Movies Are Rotten With Fallacies

Disney movies are rotten with fallacies... logical fallacies, that is. That's why we love them. Nothing quite gets the blood boiling like your favorite baddie rolling his Rs and telling the hero that they're worthless and no one will ever believe them. My righteous indignation meter just pegs out, whether it's Jafar denigrating Aladdin, or Medusa being meanie-pants to poor, pitiful Penny. That's partly because we know it's just not true! Disney movies seem to know how to get our little kid no fair! circuits firing all at once. It's also a matter of just finding their terrible arguments frustrating to my nerd brain. And it isn't just the bad guys that sometimes employ a logical fallacy or two. Here's a whole bunch of examples for your outrage fuel. Pop some popcorn, and let's play, Spot the Logical Fallacy! 

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Scientific Skepticism: Distinguishing Reality from Imagination!

I usually write these articles as conversations with my mom. For fun, and because my latest book is set in Walt Disney World, I decided to present the first half as a conversation between Figment and his friends.

What is Scientific Skepticism?

Well Figment, I'm glad you asked...

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Vote... even if you have to get a court order!

I went to vote today and was told my name wasn't on the rolls. I went home and checked online. "No information found." 

But wait, I registered last year! During the primary I had run into the same problem. On April 19th I called to verify I was indeed registered to vote and was "good" for the general, but had not met the deadline for declaring a party for the primary this year. Ok. I have been an Independent for years and this is a closed state. As long as I knew I was registered for the general, I was willing to accept that. So imagine my surprise when it turned out I wasn't registered. In fact, the clerk at the Court House said they had no record I had ever been registerd. My son was registered. He voted. But my name was nowhere to be found. What answer could they give me? I could not vote. The clerk suggested I try to get a court order.

I don't currently own a phone. I haven't for months now. I live in a rural part of the county. My polling place is a block away, but the Court HOuse is downtown. Luckily, my son had rented a car for the month and he drove me downtown. Also luckily, I had saved the confirmation screen when I changed my party affiliation. This demonstrated to the judge that I had indeed been registered, as you can't change a registration you never had! There was the proof that I had registered in plenty of time. Obviously a clerical error. So I got my court order, and back we went to the polling station. 

I voted!

Imagine how many people must give up when told their name just isn't on the list. Imagine how many people had long ago cleaned out their email and have no proof, or who registered so long ago they no longer can locate their registration cards. Imagine how many people take three buses to get to the polling place in the first place. Imagine people waiting until they get off work, only to discover the Court House closed, or not enough time to get there and back again before the polls close. If you can vote, vote. Don't get discouraged if they send you on a paper chase. They don't have to cheat, if you forfeit the game. Vote for the ones that don't have a car, or have to work, or can't get a babysitter, or whose paperwork mysteriously vanished. Even if you have to get a court order.