Beta Readers Anonymous

Do you like to read? Do you like to give your opinions? 

If you enjoy reading and would like to lend a hand to our club of authors, you've come to the right place. All you have to do is sign up. We'll send you a manuscript to read and some questions the author would specifically like answered. Once you've returned your feedback, you can receive rewards and sign up for more opportunities. Why pay for books when you can read great stories for free?

Our club of authors sign up to get beta readers. They tell us an age range, any specific interests or other characteristics of readers they're looking for. Then we go out and find them those readers! The author may offer a small gift as a thank you. These will be valued at $20 OR LESS. Most will choose to offer a gift card for about $5-10. 

Your name, email address, and other personal information (if provided) remain private, so you can feel comfortable providing honest, detailed critiques. 

Enter the CODE for the offer you are interested in at the CODE or SUBJECT line.

You can sign up just for one offer, or to receive future offers. Participate once, or all the time. It's up to you. 

Each offer will have a specific code assigned to it which you will find at the bottom of the offer below. If you want to respond to an offer, include that code in the subject line. If you want to sign up for all future offers, type "BETA CLUB" in the subject line. If we send you an offer as a club member, you can choose not to accept. There's never an obligation.

We will not release your private information to third parties. We do not send you unsolicited email offers. We won't use your name in future promotions without your permission. 

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: By signing up with the Beta Readers Anonymous or agreeing to be a beta reader for any of our authors, you are agreeing not to disclose the contents or titles of any manuscript prior to the book's publication date. While you may keep the manuscript you are provided, you may not sell it prior to the release of the published book or ebook, and must disclose that it was a free advanced and unedited early draft of the book to anyone with whom you share it, or to whom you sell it. 

Check below for current offers from our author members. Then sign up with the form at the bottom.