Three Worlds Nations: Monsters and Slaves

Mistress Grazundzel's husband is missing.

The lothar have hunted across this planet for longer than the humans have inhabited its vast plains. Excellent mimics and clever problem solvers with the ability to organize, the lothar are at the top of the carnivore food chain on Yndeen.

There are just two seasons on Yndeen, and the mistress has arrived at the start of the Extremes, a time of meteorological disturbances ranging from massive vortices, to hemisphere-wide blizzards, to sink holes big enough to swallow a transport. Grazundzel must brave the extreme climate of Yndeen to find her husband before the disloyalists can prevent them from completing their mission. But the lothar are evolving.

A chef, a police officer, a rich hotelier, a guard, and a spy. The team assembled to see the young future ambassador on his mission are all slaves, and not prepared for the politics and privations of their old home world. Secrets and conspiracies threaten their mission -- and their lives.

As the men fight to complete their mission and Mistress Grazundzel races to their aid, the lothar are on the hunt.

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Book Trailer for 3 World Nations: Monsters and Slaves